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Energy Intensity

Energy Intensity is the ratio of energy consumption to gross domestic product measured in Joule/USD. A demand indicator, it was originally a proxy for the energy efficiency of a country, and has been adapted to measure the energy efficiency of cities and corporations. Energy intensity is an aggregate indicator applicable in both public and private […]

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis is a financial method of evaluating the feasibility of a project or program by systematically summing its benefits and deducting its costs. It represents an advance over traditional forms of valuation in that it includes opportunity costs, cost of externalities and costs of intangible assets. It is used in private projects as […]

ISO 26000

The ISO 26000 series represents a unique top-down protocol in corporate social responsibility standards, created by the International Organization for Standardization to implement consensus on sustainable management standards across borders and to provide practical implementation of the ISO 19011 series, the ISO 14000 series, and the GRI standards. It is a voluntary guidance standard adopted […]

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This Dictionary of Sustainable Management is an open dictionary for business leaders and students of sustainability and business-related terms. It is a project of the alumni and students of the Presidio Graduate School. The purpose of this endeavor is to inspire people to better understand how sustainability concepts are creating new understandings (or reinvigorating old ones) […]


The Dictionary of Sustainable Management is a project of alumni and students from the Presidio Graduate School. Publisher: Jonathan Mariano Design: David Bennett Editors: James Bucklund Sara Brown Bobby Coucoules Megan Crocker Julie Graham Stowe Hartridge-Beam Karin Meyer Shaun Webb Hosting provided by: Nick Aster TriplePundit Founders: Corina Beczner Bob Gower Ruth Katz Nathan Shedroff […]

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